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Gene & Amber in London

4/21/05 - 4/29/05

First Day. Arival at our hotel, The Melbourne House Hotel.

The room was quite small (as in all of London), but we weren't there very often. We did have our own Shower and Toilet.

A picture of me on the river Thames. In a double decker bus

A picture of us on the Thames river. We are on
our way to the Prime Meridian in Greenwich.
Warwick Castle

The Subway system is great in London. The only time we took a taxi was to and from the airport

Our shadows

Since we took so many pictures, I got a little lazy with my website format. I put the rest of our pictures in a "Gallery" below. Just click any picture and a larger version with more detail will display. Click to return to my London page.

I've also included information about places we visited:

Belgrave Square - Fashionable square in Belgravia, named for the Lord Grosvenor who also had the title of Viscount Belgrave. Formerly a swamp filled in and developed by Thomas Cubitt in 1825. The Wititterly's live near here (Nicholas Nickleby).

British Museum - The collection was originally housed at Montagu House, Bloomsbury and opened in 1759 although public access was limited. David and Steerforth visit the Museum there. (David Copperfield) The current neo-classical building was completed in 1852.

Buckingham Palace - Built by John Sheffield, 1st duke of Buckingham, in 1703. Purchased for the royal family in 1761 by George III. It became the official London residence of the monarchy in 1837 when Queen Victoria moved there.

Camden Town - Area of northwest London. Dickens' family lived at 16 Bayham Street here. The Cratchets (A Christmas Carol), the Micawbers (David Copperfield), and Polly Toodles family (Dombey and Son) also lived in Camden Town.

Charing Cross - District of London named for the last of the stone crosses erected by Edward I in 1291 to mark the stops of Queen Eleanor's funeral procession from Nottinghamshire to Westminster Abbey. The present monument was erected in 1865. The Pickwickians begin their travels at the Golden Cross Hotel here (The Pickwick Papers). David Copperfield stayed at the same hotel referring to it as "a mouldy sort of establishment in a close neighborhood" (David Copperfield).

Covent Garden - District of London named for a fruit, vegetable and flower market designed by Inigo Jones in 1632. The Covent Garden Theatre is located here. David Copperfield bought flowers for Dora in the market and attends Julius Caesar at the theatre (David Copperfield). Pip spends the night at Hummums Hotel in Covent Garden when given a note from Wemmick not to go home (Great Expectations). Arthur Clennam has lodgings here (Little Dorrit). Job Trotter spends the night in a vegetable basket in Covent Garden (Pickwick Papers). The Bow Street Runners, London's first regular detective force, mentioned in Oliver Twist and Great Expectations, operated from Bow Street near Covent Garden.

Houses of Parliament - The old Houses of Parliament burned down in 1834 and were housed in temporary structures until the present Houses were completed in 1860. Dickens worked as a parliamentary reporter 1831-36.

London Bridge - Until 1750 London Bridge was the only bridge over the Thames in London. A bridge at this site dates from Roman times. The first stone London Bridge was built in 1176. This bridge eventually had houses, shops, and a church built upon it until they were removed in 1763. In 1831 it was replaced by a granite bridge designed by John Rennie. The Rennie London Bridge was replaced in 1972 and Rennie's bridge was dismantled and rebuilt in Lake Havasu, Arizona. One of the arches of the Rennie London Bridge still supports the southern end of the current London Bridge (photos).
Trying to save Oliver, Nancy meets Rose and Mr. Brownlow on the steps of London Bridge. She is observed by Noah Claypole which leads to her murder (Oliver Twist). David Copperfield, like Dickens, liked to sit on London Bridge and watch the people go by (David Copperfield). Gabriel Varden, the locksmith, crosses London Bridge to visit Mrs. Rudge in Southwark (Barnaby Rudge).

Regent's Park - London suburb laid out by John Nash (1752-1835) in 1811 during the Regency period. George III, incapacitated by mental illness in 1810, was replaced by his son (called the prince regent), later George IV. The period between 1810 and 1820, when George III died, became known as the Regency period. The Zoological Gardens opened in Regent's Park in 1828. Dickens lived at 3 Hanover Terrace and at 1 Devonshire Terrace (1839-1851) in Regent's Park.

St. Paul's Cathedral - Long the focalpoint of the London skyline, the present St. Paul's Cathedral, built by Sir Christopher Wren from 1675 to 1711, replaced the old gothic cathedral which burned in the Great Fire of 1666. St. Paul's is part of the background scenery in many of Dickens' works. David takes Peggotty to the top of St. Paul's (David Copperfield).

Westminster Abbey - The most famous of England's churches. Originally built by Edward the Confessor in 1050, the abbey was rebuilt in its present Gothic style starting in 1245. Henry VII added his Chapel shortly before his death in 1509. England's monarchs since William the Conqueror in 1066 have been crowned here. Many of England's kings and queens are buried at Westminster Abbey as are many of its famous citizens including Chauncer, Newton, and Darwin. Charles Dickens was buried in Poet's Corner, in the Abbey on June 14, 1870. Pip and Herbert Pocket attend services in the Abbey (Great Expectations). Mould the undertaker tells Mrs. Gamp that gold can buy a gentleman a tomb in Westminster Abbey if he chooses to invest in such a purchase (Martin Chuzzlewit).

The National Gallery - London houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world. These pictures belong to the public and entrance to see them is free.

London Underground


Big_Ben_1 British_Museum_G1 British_Museum_G2 British_Museum_G3 British_Museum_G4
Big_Ben_1.jpg British_Museum_G... British_Museum_G... British_Museum_G... British_Museum_G...
British_Museum_G5 Brtish_Museum_2 Brtish_Museum_3 Brtish_Museum_4 Brtish_Museum_5
British_Museum_G... Brtish_Museum_2.jpg Brtish_Museum_3.jpg Brtish_Museum_4.jpg Brtish_Museum_5.jpg
Brtish_Museum_6 Brtish_Museum_8 Brtish_Museum_9 Buckingham_Palace_1 Buckingham_Palace_2
Brtish_Museum_6.jpg Brtish_Museum_8.jpg Brtish_Museum_9.jpg Buckingham_Palac... Buckingham_Palac...
Buckingham_Palace_3 Buckingham_Palace_4 Buckingham_Palace_5 Buckingham_Palace_G1 Buckingham_Palace_G2
Buckingham_Palac... Buckingham_Palac... Buckingham_Palac... Buckingham_Palac... Buckingham_Palac...
Buckingham_Palace_G3 Camden_1 Camden_2 Cutty_Sark_1 Cutty_Sark_2
Buckingham_Palac... Camden_1.jpg Camden_2.jpg Cutty_Sark_1.jpg Cutty_Sark_2.jpg
Greenwich_1 Greenwich_2 Greenwich_3 Greenwich_4 Greenwich_G1
Greenwich_1.jpg Greenwich_2.jpg Greenwich_3.jpg Greenwich_4.jpg Greenwich_G1.jpg
Greenwich_G2 Greenwich_G3 Greenwich_G4 House_Parliament_1 London_Eye_1
Greenwich_G2.jpg Greenwich_G3.jpg Greenwich_G4.jpg House_Parliament... London_Eye_1.jpg
London_Eye_2 London_Eye_3 London_Eye_Abbey_Ben London_Eye_Big_Ben London_Eye_City
London_Eye_2.jpg London_Eye_3.jpg London_Eye_Abbey... London_Eye_Big_B... London_Eye_City.jpg
London_Eye_clouds London_Eye_IMAX London_Eye_shadow St_Paul_1 St_Paul_2
London_Eye_cloud... London_Eye_IMAX.jpg London_Eye_shado... St_Paul_1.jpg St_Paul_2.jpg
St_Paul_3 St_Paul_4 St_Paul_5 St_Paul_6 St_Paul_7
St_Paul_3.jpg St_Paul_4.jpg St_Paul_5.jpg St_Paul_6.jpg St_Paul_7.jpg
St_Paul_Eye St_Paul_G1 St_Paul_G2 St_Paul_G3 St_Paul_View_G1
St_Paul_Eye.jpg St_Paul_G1.jpg St_Paul_G2.jpg St_Paul_G3.jpg St_Paul_View_G1.jpg
St_Paul_View_G2 Thames_1 Tower_Bridge_1 Tower_London_1 Tower_London_2
St_Paul_View_G2.jpg Thames_1.jpg Tower_Bridge_1.jpg Tower_London_1.jpg Tower_London_2.jpg
Trafalgar_Square_1 Trafalgar_Square_2 Trafalgar_Square_3 Trafalgar_Square_4 Trafalgar_Square_5
Trafalgar_Square... Trafalgar_Square... Trafalgar_Square... Trafalgar_Square... Trafalgar_Square...
Trafalgar_Square_7 tubemap Underground_Pass Underground_Pimlico Warwick_1
Trafalgar_Square... tubemap.jpg Underground_Pass... Underground_Piml... Warwick_1.jpg
Warwick_2 Warwick_4 Warwick_5 Warwick_6 Warwick_7
Warwick_2.jpg Warwick_4.jpg Warwick_5.jpg Warwick_6.jpg Warwick_7.jpg
Warwick_8 Warwick_Armor Warwick_Bus Warwick_Canola Warwick_G1
Warwick_8.jpg Warwick_Armor.jpg Warwick_Bus.jpg Warwick_Canola.jpg Warwick_G1.jpg
Warwick_G2 Warwick_G3 Warwick_Glass Warwick_Hall Warwick_Oxford_1
Warwick_G2.jpg Warwick_G3.jpg Warwick_Glass.jpg Warwick_Hall.jpg Warwick_Oxford_1...
Warwick_Oxford_2 Warwick_Oxford_3 Warwick_Oxford_4 Warwick_Oxford_5 Warwick_Oxford_6
Warwick_Oxford_2... Warwick_Oxford_3... Warwick_Oxford_4... Warwick_Oxford_5... Warwick_Oxford_6...
Warwick_Oxford_7 Warwick_Oxford_G1 Warwick_Oxford_G2 Warwick_River Warwick_River_G1
Warwick_Oxford_7... Warwick_Oxford_G... Warwick_Oxford_G... Warwick_River.jpg Warwick_River_G1...
Warwick_Stairwell_1 Warwick_Starirwell_Gene Warwick_Table Warwick_Torture_G1
Warwick_Stairwel... Warwick_Starirwe... Warwick_Table.jpg Warwick_Torture_...


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