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Geno's European Vacation

1/25/2001 - 2/1/2001

Let the trip begin.  Me, Linda and Masayuki met in Chicago and flew into Frankfurt Germany.  This is the parking garage of the airport and that's our rental Omega 2.2 turbo.  Pretty much a shite car, but we cruised at a constant 115MPH on the Autobahn.  We left immediately for Koln.

The picture to the right is the Dom Cathedral in Koln (Cologne), Germany.  The Dom was being renovated and there was scaffolding on much of the cathedral.  I had to take two different pictures and put them together in order to get the full effect.  An amazing site in person.  The pictures to the right and below were artifacts within the Dom.  Being in the Dom was definitely a unique feeling.

No, that's not a statue.  This was a guy totally painted in silver, basically a street act near a large shopping area down the street from our hotel.

We asked the hotel staff where we could get some authentic German food.  She suggested the Hauxenhaus (below) for their specialty, Pork Knuckle. Sounds yummy, right?  So we went, got a meter of beer (before and after shots) and tried the Pork Knuckle.  It was great, so was the sausage and kraut.  The food was so good we left that place totally STUFFED

Next stop, Amsterdam...  The thing about Amsterdam (Red Light District) is they have a strict policy of, "No Picture Taking."  So, I don't have much for night life pictures, basically structural/architectural pictures.

While in Amsterdam, we took a tour of the Anne Frank house.  The tour was great, but rather uncomfortable because they really try to pack you in to a small living space, but it does make you think about how these people lived in hiding.  We also went to the Van Gogh art gallery.  The gallery was 4 floors and there was artwork from all eras and many artists.  The food in Amsterdam was very ordinary...the coffee shops were extraordinary.  We spent two days here, but one day would have been plenty.
The next 4 pictures are of Antwerp, Belgium.  The architecture in this city was very detailed.  We stayed in a 5 star hotel in downtown Antwerp, but we were only there for 1 night.  We walked around in the diamond district (better known as the Shane Company district) and 3 different guys tried to sell me gold chains/necklaces.  It was pretty funny...they would go, "pssst.  hey," and secretly show me gold in their hands (I'm sure it was fake).  We ate at a French restaurant called The Béarnaise sauce I've EVER had in my life..the rest of the food was awesome too.  I could have spent a lot more time in just had a peaceful and inviting feeling...and the waffles are good.
Back to Frankfurt, Germany for two days before we head back to the US.  We did a lot of walking...sightseeing, museums, etc..  Frankfurt was the least interesting to me because it seemed very industrialized, almost US like, with a different culture.  We did eat at a cool restaurant called the Steinren Haus, they served your meal raw, but it was on a scorching hot stone, so you could cook it to whatever temperature you wanted.  Linda has some picture she's supposed to send me...waiting...
Here's a picture of the car all three of us rode in the whole time.  Not!  Cool 2 seater car, and easy to park.  More architecture, another Cathedral, stone sculptures in the Cathedral.

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